Monday, January 16, 2017

Black Canyon & Montrose, CO (12/31/2016 & 1/1/2017)

On New Year's Eve, I took my visitors to Black Canyon where there are trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  After getting a good background in the geology and formation of the canyon from the Park Service movie, we met with the Ranger who checks out snowshoes and explains how to use them.  Tromping around in the snow was fun, but I'm grateful no one took a photo of Grandpa when he tangled his snowshoes and did a face plant in the snow drift.  Or when it took several people to get him upright once again.  (Thanks to Amy for several of these photos.)

After celebrating the New Year into the wee hours (around 9 pm, I think), we were up early the next day to take on Deadman's Hill, a sledding park operated by the city.  We had both metal discs and inner tubes for sliding down the hill, but sadly not enough for Grandpa to use.😉 Most of the photos appear in the two videos I put together, Randy Challenges Deadman's Hill and The Girls Take The Hill.  This was a lot of fun for everyone, and thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

Later, we drove around catching some of the local sights, including some attractive horses that beckoned to Lauren..


  1. If I remember correctly the twins are Florida girls . . . this trip must have been wonderful for them

    1. That's right, and they did seem to enjoy it.