Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ouray - Silverton, CO (12/30/2016)

Younger son Randy and his family arrived on 12/29 for a one-week visit during their winter break.  After some essential preparations, like shopping for food and beer, we set out on 12/30 to see Ouray and Silverton.  I knew the Million Dollar Highway would be clear of snow at that time, and I didn't want to risk a snowfall that might prevent us from making this trip.

First, a stop at the Dennis Weaver Memorial in Ridgway, something I do for every visitor.
Deferring our stop in Ouray, we made straight for the highway to Silverton, stopping briefly at some of the scenic places along the route.  Lauren enjoyed her first opportunity to get into the snow.

This time of year, Silverton is much quieter than in the summer.  The tour train has stopped running and many shops/restaurants are closed until spring.  Still, the town and surrounding mountains provide great scenery.

On our return through Ouray, we took a brief tour of the town before heading back to Montrose.
 Randy admires an old Jeep used as a snow plow.
That evening, Ashley and I went out for the sunset.  It was an opportunity for her to drive the LRJ up onto Sunset Mesa.  I was very impressed with her driving skills and feel she will surely pass her driving exam next June, when she turns sixteen.

I made a video of the drive over Red Mountain Pass.  It can be seen at Silverton To Ouray.  It's roughly one hour compressed into ten minutes.

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