Monday, February 8, 2016

Costa Rica - Day 6 (1/24/2016)

Since Day 6 was designated "free time", most of us hung out by the pool all morning or took a walk on the beach.  A few people learned of a zip line not far away so took a cab and spent an hour on zip lines through the jungle.

When I approached the beach, the low tide revealed much more volcanic rock than I had seen the evening before.  In fact, the only place to swim was a channel between large rock clusters.

Volcanic rock
Rock with swimming channel between.
 The pool seems to go on forever, providing plenty of room for swimming or lounging.  Of course, the outside bar is close at hand and there are several waiters to quench your thirst right away.  Our tour was given a "Happy Hour" in the afternoon with free drinks.

Pool and infinity edge.

Pool and lounge chairs.

One of several bridges over narrow pool sections.
 The grounds are beautifully landscaped, featuring a variety of tropical plants.

Outdoor restaurant
Tropical tree

On the third floor terrace, I came upon a small iguana sunning himself on the tiles.

Potted bougainvillea
 The end of day was highlighted by another spectacular sunset that included three people on horseback riding along the beach.

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