Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Dollar Road/Telluride, CO (7/18/2016)

Only six weeks after my last trip over Last Dollar Road, I was back with my visitors to see how much it had changed.  Obviously, there was much less snow in light of the many 90+ temperature days the region has experienced this summer.  While cooler in the mountains, the temps have been above normal everywhere around here.  Another change, and one I was looking forward to, was the type of wildflowers in bloom.

It was an overcast, even stormy looking day, but somehow we managed to avoid any significant rain.  We never saw more than a brief, light shower, but it was clear that surrounding areas were getting much more.

Approaching Telluride, we encountered a flock of sheep being maneuvered expertly by a pair of sheep dogs.  I wondered if this was the same flock I saw being moved six weeks ago.  It wasn't that close to where I saw them earlier, but it was the only sheep we saw.

We also came across a group of young girls wearing wings, possibly practicing for some play.  The women in charge seemed to be a little amused that we saw them in that situation.

In Telluride just in time for lunch, we parked near this Victorian church that I admired.

The place we chose for lunch had hummingbird feeders, allowing me to grab a couple shots.  Unfortunately, service there was so bad we left and found a better place.  Given Telluride prices, no one should accept poor service.

Strolling around town, we enjoyed a variety of flowers, including various colors of columbine.

Of course, we drove farther into the canyon to view famous Bridal Veil Falls and Abrams Falls.

A quick drive up the mountains to Mountain Village gave us great views of the San Miguel Mountains.  We also took the opportunity to visit an "open house" for a home listed at $1.75 million, one of the more affordable homes in that community.

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