Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sabino Canyon & Signal Peak (2/16 & 2/17/2017)

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, managed by the U. S. Forest Service, draws more than a million visitors a year to its mountains and canyons.  It is a very popular place for hiking, jogging, wildlife viewing, picnicking and photography.  Tram tours are available for both Sabino and Bear Canyons, making them accessible to anyone.  Riders can get off at any stop to hike or explore, and may re-board the tram at any time.  In the past, I've ridden the tram to the head of Sabino Canyon, about 4 miles, then hiked down along the stream with its many picturesque boulders, pools and cascades.  This time, I planned to ride the tram into Bear Canyon to the trailhead for the Seven Falls Trail.  However, I was advised against doing the hike because the creek was so full and it requires seven stream crossings.  Instead, I hiked part way into Bear Canyon to a small man-made lake.

Tucson has very nice sunrises and sunsets, but not so much during this visit.  Unsettled weather part of the time, along with perfectly clear skies part of the time, prevented the spectacular colors I was looking for, with a few exceptions.  When there was a good sunset, I had trouble finding a suitable place to view it.  Staying in town meant buildings, trees, power poles and lines that interfered with my views. 

I finally learned of Signal Peak, on a small mountain near town, with a road to the top.  My first time there, however, sunset was pretty tame.  I did hang out and take a few photos of the city.


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