Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dallas Divide, Grand Mesa, Palisade & Colorado N M (8/17 & 8/22/2016)

During Pam's visit, we toured a number of places I had recently included in travelogues, so I don't want to repeat the photos that have been previously shared.

On Last Dollar Road, we spotted a flock of sage grouse right on the shoulder of the road.  This was almost too easy.
The wildflowers along this trail were also quite different than when I was there in July.

Despite the heavy clouds that eventually produced some rain, I wanted to include these two mountain scenes.  The one with the house sitting on the edge of the canyon is especially appealing to me.

It seems the magpies are always hanging out around this part of the road, and the chipmunks are everywhere.

On another day, we drove over Grand Mesa, a huge flat-top mountain to the north of Montrose.  Last time there, I encountered lots of snow and frozen lakes.  Now the summer season is in full swing with many fishermen spending time on the lakes.

In a remote area called Land's End, we took a long look over the rim to check out the gravel road into the Grand Valley.
Once again, there were chipmunks scampering all over the rock wall.
 In the village of Mesa, we enjoyed a delightful lunch at a small cafe called Blink.
Mesa also has a variety of rock formations that caught our eye.

The next town over, Palisade, is known for its fruit orchards and vineyards.  We stopped at a vineyard named Maison La Belle Vie (House of The Good Life), which must be the most French winery in the area.  Even the young man conducting the tasting was French, doing an internship in the U.S. An old French automobile was part of the decor.

At Colorado National Monument, I caught a shot of Pam returning from the Cold Shivers Overlook.
Later, we encountered a flock of bighorn sheep grazing along the roadside.

Thanks much to Pam for contributing photos to this travelogue, including one of yours truly as I left a waterfall.

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