Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Montrose, CO (8/10/2016)

A number of followers have suggested that I share photos of my new home, despite the fact that this is not in keeping with the normal purpose of the travelogue.  So, during the lull between visitors, I took time on a rainy morning to photograph the place and will now post them.  If this doesn't interest you, I understand if you simply ignore this post.
My town home is one of four units in the building, two of which are occupied.  A third is being negotiated.  There are two other buildings in the development for a total of eleven units of various sizes.  My unit is 2033 square feet.

Street View
Front Entry

Hall Closet and Stairway

Foyer, Powder Room and Laundry


Hallway and Understair Storage
Dining Area and MBR Door
Living Area

Great Room and Upstairs Hall
Low-maintenance Back Yard


Master Bed Room

Another View of MBR

Master Bath Room

Office/Second Guest Room
Office Area
Guest Bath Room
Guest Bath Room

Guest Bed Room
  As you can see, I have plenty of room for guests, so I'm really looking forward to lots of visitors.


  1. Looks beautiful! How do we make a reservation? 😃😃😃
    Jane and Bob (think Pam and Costa Rica)

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