Sunday, September 4, 2016

Red Mountain Pass (8/26/2016)

Having spent so little time in Silverton on our earlier visit, Pam and I both wanted to go back and spend more time shopping.  To get to Silverton from Montrose involves going over Red Mountain Pass, always a pleasurable experience.  This day, however, was a little more special than we had anticipated.  We learned that the rain shower in Montrose the night before was a light dusting of snow in the San Juan Mountains.  What a nice surprise that, after a short summer period, we once again had snow-covered mountains all around us.

From Ridgway, there were several good views of the San Juans and the Cimarron Ridge.  The silhouettes of Chimney Rock and Courthouse Mountain stood out clearly, while the fast moving clouds allowed a momentary glimpse of Mt. Sneffels, one of the "fourteeners" in the range.

The view as we entered Ouray was also a welcome sign of things to come.
Driving over Red Mountain Pass was a lot of fun, stopping frequently to get more photos of the pretty scenes.

In fact, we took so many photos getting there, this edition of the travelogue has to be interrupted at this point.  More to come next time.

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  1. I'll envy you for about another month . . then I'll be happy in NC and then FL