Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cataract, IN (10/23)

As always, when checking into the RV park, I had picked up several brochures of attractions in the Indianapolis area.  One of them had a picture of a beautiful waterfall, but no indication of its name or location.  A quick Google for "waterfalls near Indianapolis" turned up Cataract Falls, complete with directions.  After visiting Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the morning and having a spot of lunch, I headed for Cataract about twenty miles outside town.

Once off the Interstate, I began to pass beautiful fall foliage and stopped occasionally to take a few pictures.

When I arrived at Upper Cataract Falls, I could see the water level wasn't nearly as high as in the brochure photo.   Still, it was a lovely scene and I enjoyed walking around the park, checking out different viewpoints.  There are actually two separate falls at this location.
First Upper Cataract Falls

Second Upper Cataract Falls
Mill Creek

The Cataract Covered Bridge spans Mill Creek near Upper Falls.  Built in 1876, this bridge was designed with a new type of truss developed by Robert Smith of Ohio.  His design could be constructed off-site at a factory, disassembled and shipped to its location for re-assembly.  An earlier bridge here was destroyed by a flood, as were all bridges in the county except one based on the new design.  As a result, all new bridges in the area were specified to use the new Smith Truss. 
Cataract Covered Bridge

Road To Lower Falls

Lower Cataract Falls is only about 15 feet high, compared to 30 feet at Upper Cataract Falls.
Lower Cataract Falls

Picnic Area
 On the drive back to Indianapolis, I explored a couple back roads that had some colorful trees.

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