Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lansing, Michigan (10/16-10/18)

 When I left Hillman, MI, my plan was to stop for the night near the Lake Huron coast and do more exploring around Saginaw and Bay City.  Unfortunately, I found that all the campgrounds in that area had just closed for the season.  This left me no alternative but to head to Lansing, where I knew there was only one campground near the city.  Since it was a large campground, and it was obviously the slow season, I had no trouble getting a space in Cottonwood Campground, where they gave me a site overlooking the small lake. 
Cottonwood Campground

 I had two primary objectives for my first time in Lansing.  The first was to photograph the capitol building, hopefully with a nice sunset, but definitely at night with its lights on.  The sunset turned out to be pretty lame and not positioned well for what I wanted.  However, I did get just a bit of color in the clouds behind the capitol.
Michigan capitol At Dusk

 After driving around the city for a while, I returned to the capitol after dark and snapped a few more shots.
Michigan Capitol At Night
While exploring town and waiting for dark, I spotted a beautiful Gothic Revival church building about a block from the capitol.  St. Mary Cathedral was built in 1913, but the parish will celebrate its 150th anniversary next year.
St. Mary Cathedral

 The next morning, I went out searching for a place to watch the sunrise.  Finding myself on the campus of Michigan State University, I had no luck finding a suitable foreground, but the sunrise wouldn't wait.  Finally, I pulled over next to a large open field and took what Mother Nature gave me.  It was a pretty sunrise, even without a good foreground.
Lansing sunrise
 Later that morning, I returned to the MSU campus to visit the football stadium.  This was the day of the big game between MSU and the Michigan Wolverines, thankfully played in Ann Arbor this year.  I knew there would be nothing going on at Spartan Stadium, but hoped I could find someone willing to let me inside.  There was only one car in the parking lot, and I never found the person it belonged to, so there was no chance of getting inside.  While not even close to the largest football stadium, it does seat more than 75,000 spectators.  The Rolling Stones and U2 have performed in Spartan Stadium.
Spartan Stadium

Spartan Stadium

Spartan Stadium

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