Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bisti Wilderness Area (4/11/2016)

On my last full day at Bisti, I had several objectives in mind.  First, I paid a visit to an area I had just discovered the day before, called Hunter Wash.  This area is actually not part of the Wilderness Area, but is nearby and has the advantage that I could drive right to the very edge of the hoodoos.  All in all, it was one of my favorite areas.  While the sunrise itself wasn't spectacular, the strong light of early morning lit the gray formations nicely.

After a very enjoyable morning, I returned to camp and said goodbye to Alex, who was off in search of a real bath after five days.  My plan for the afternoon was to hike to an area known as "Chocolate Hoodoos".  On my way, I passed a lot of mounds with obvious coal deposits, some of which appeared to have burned at some point in time.

This formation must be the one called "The Ostrich".

I finally began to see the "Chocolate Hoodoos",

Walking back to camp, I could see storm clouds forming all around.  It was clear we were going to have either another downpour or possibly an amazing sunset.


  1. great shots - did you get any night stuff

    1. Thanks, Don. I never went out at night, needing my beauty sleep. I was happy just getting sunsets.