Friday, April 15, 2016

Bisti Wilderness Area (4/9 & 4/10/2016)

Returning to the Jeep from the Wings area, Alex and I took a slightly longer but easier route than on the way in.  Rather than taking a straight line as suggested by the GPS, we went around some of the mounds instead of over them.  We continued to pass some very interesting formations and quite a lot of petrified wood, including petrified stumps.  Lichens growing on the clumps of petrified wood made for some colorful pieces.

At one point, we chose to climb up a ridge that offered to save a lot of walking.  At the higher elevation, we had a good view of mounds and gullies that make up this area.  It would be interesting to have such a view during heavy rain, just to see all the rivulets and streams flowing.

Once we were back on the lower level, the mounds were quite impressive.

That evening, we enjoyed what was probably the best sunset during my stay. Alex went back to the Wings area and surely got some great shots.  Being much older, I stayed near camp, but still had a great view of the sunset.

The forecast for Sunday called for rain, and there were heavy clouds most of the day.  I decided to stay in camp and wait for sunset, when Alex and I had agreed to search for a formation called "King of Wings".  I've seen photographs of it, but had no clue where it is located.  Alex had a GPS waypoint from the internet, so we set out in the Jeep to find it.  After many miles and a couple wrong turns, not to mention lots of bad road, we finally came to the supposed trailhead for the "King".  By then, we were far out in the boonies and light was fading, no good sunset tonight.  Just as we decided to give up the chase, a band of wild horses galloped up to a nearby pond.  We didn't see the "King", but we did enjoy the horses.


  1. that is a real amazing formation in the first shot - good sunsets and horses

  2. Thanks, Don. I could learn from Marcy on horse photography.

  3. The photo of the first formation shown is excellent with the clouds behind it. Did you order those clouds for that shot? Also, the sunset photos were absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks. There was no shortage of clouds, so easy to photograph them.

  4. WOW . . . that last sunset is fabulous