Saturday, October 8, 2016

Last Dollar Road (9/26/2016)

I hope you aren't getting tired of Colorado's fall color, because I have lots more to go.

On my way to Last Dollar Road, I was "forced" to circle around the north end of the San Juan mountains, and "required" to pull over a few times to check out the views.

Over the years, including this summer, I've driven Last Dollar Road many times.  Hard to believe I had never driven it in the fall, but I'm glad that has now changed.

Once over the pass at Last Dollar Mountain, views of the San Miguel mountains appear.  In particular, Wilson Peak dominates the view for quite a distance as the road leads down the mountain and into Telluride.  Wilson Peak is a "fourteener" and one of the more popular peaks for mountain climbers. 

At this point, I'll interrupt myself and resume this trip in the next travelogue.


  1. Beautiful shots, keep up the great work.

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  3. As always spectacular and breathtaking!