Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trout Lake, Cushman Lake & Last Dollar Road (9/26/2016)

South of Alta Lakes, Trout Lake is a favorite stop.  The lake is nice on its own, but the mountains that surround it make it a special place.  I go there every time I'm in that area.  First, along the road to Trout Lake, the scenery is outstanding, especially this time of year.

Turning in to the parking area at Trout Lake, I got a glimpse of the snow-covered mountains, and then the lake itself..
Walking around and visiting with some of the fishermen there, I enjoyed several views.

At this point, I turned north and started for home.  Along the way, I stopped at Cushman Lake, a small body of water I have passed many times without stopping.  This time, however, the lighting was just too good to pass up.

With the sun getting low, I decided to return via Last Dollar Road and get some different light than during my morning trip.  It was a nice way to finish a very enjoyable day.


  1. Reflections on Cushman Lake are great . . wonderful season to be in Colorado

    1. Thanks, Judy. It has been a special fall here.