Thursday, October 20, 2016

Owl Creek Pass (9/28/2016)

This is the third and final posting from a day of outstanding fall color in the "Cimarron" region.  On this leg, I had the opportunity to meet some very nice people, all doing the same thing I was.  Some of them were from other areas of the country and it was fun to observe their excitement over what they were seeing.  I took a small amount of pride in telling them my new home was nearby and I could now spend a lot more time enjoying the fall season in the mountains.  One man asked if I had seen any deer, so I reported the two bucks I had seen on the other side of the mountain.  He really wanted to see something like that and left hoping for a sighting.  I stayed for a couple more photos and, less than a minute later, a big buck mule deer walked out of the brush and crossed the road about fifty feet away.  That gave me a chuckle.

As previously described, Chimney Rock has been the backdrop for seveeral movies, most famously the gun battle scene in the 1969 version of True Grit, the movie that won for John Wayne his only Oscar.  The meadow in the foreground is called "Debbie's meadow" because Debbie Reynolds filmed a scene there for "How The West Was Won".

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