Monday, March 13, 2017

Mesa and Gilbert, AZ (3/3 & 3/4/2017)

Returning from Saguaro Lake, I stopped by a new residential development I had seen earlier.  The developer has planted wildflowers to fill a rather large area at the intersection where the new community begins, an excellent feature in my opinion.  The main plant was yellow poppy, but there were several other varieties whose names I don't know.

 At lunch the next day, photographer/RVer friend Marcy mentioned a park where burrowing owls stay.  Later, she emailed directions to Zanjero Park in Gilbert.  This small park in a large undeveloped area has a lot of hiking trails and some greenery.  When burrowing owls were being attacked by predators at Riparian Preserve, local birders helped move them to Zanjero Park.  Plastic pipe was partially buried to create instant burrows for the cute little owls, who moved right in and made themselves at home.  Perches by each "burrow" completed the new home package.

I stopped at Zanjero Park late afternoon following a nice visit with Montrose neighbors Butch and Jayne, who spend their winters in a Mesa "park model".  Several owls were out on the ground or on the perches, no doubt scouting for mice to make a yummy dinner.  Like most owls, these little guys can rotate their heads about 270 degrees, which helps spot prey without distracting movement.

 A nice dinner with Jeeping pals Dave and Jan rounded out my stay in Mesa.  Pam came in on a flight from Minneapolis for a two-week tour of northern Arizona and southern Utah, starting with travelogue.


  1. Hi Stan... love the owls, we never had the opportunity to see them when we were last in Arizona.
    The personality that exudes from them is precious... great shots.
    Dave & Mary

    1. Thanks, Dave. Do try to see them next time you're in the area.

  2. Fantastic shots of the owls . . such interesting creatures

  3. Hi Stan:
    I thought that the burrowing owls were only in Florida. I learn something again.
    Thanks, Chuck