Monday, March 27, 2017

Page, AZ (3/13/2017)

After our busy day the day before, on this day we relaxed all morning and caught up with chores.  After lunch, we were ready to go kayaking, so took the inflatable kayak to Antelope Point.  Having done the Lower Antelope Canyon, we wanted to paddle into the part of Antelope Canyon that is part of Lake Powell.  Even with the lake level 100 feet below full, it still fills several miles of Antelope canyon, and making for a very popular kayaking destination.  I was reluctant to expose my camera to the risk of getting dunked (I've done that a couple times.), but Pam took some great shots with her cell phone.  As happens too often, I did not think to bring the GoPro.😞 Several tour boats operate in the canyon, giving us a swell ride when they passed by.

After our kayak outing, we visited the Antelope Point Marina to check out some of the monstrous houseboats that are kept there, some up to 100 feet long and several decks high.  From the high ground above the marina, there are good views of Tower Butte and Navajo Mountain, plus I could see Alstrom Point and Gunsight Butte, where I spent the night in the LRJ last year.  That location is ten miles away as the crow flies, more than 50 miles by car.

We had not seen all of Antelope Canyon in the kayak, so we decided to take a boat tour.  Catching the last tour of the day (5 pm) proved to be the best.  The sun was still high enough to put light in the canyon, but low enough to make the light golden on the sandstone walls.

The tour boat took us much farther into the canyon than we went by kayak, reaching a dead end finally and having to return to the marina.  It was a spectacular trip and one that I highly recommend to those who visit Page.

By the time our tour ended, it was nearing sunset, so we hung around Antelope Point to see a brilliant show of color in all directions.

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