Friday, January 20, 2017

Grand Mesa, CO (1/4/2017)

We wrapped up my family's visit with a day trip to Grand Mesa, that very large flat-top mountain with its impressive annual snowfall.  In fact, it was snowing as we started up the road that leads over the mountain.  We were almost the only ones on the road, and it was comforting to know we had 4WD and brand new all-terrain tires on the LRJ.  All the lakes were frozen and covered with snow, the Visitor's Center was closed and several inches of snow had accumulated on the roads since the last plow had come along.  We stopped at the Grand Mesa Lodge, one of the few places open, and chatted with the owner for a bit.  He had no cross-country ski gear for rent, a disappointment, but did have snowmobiles rentals.  However, we were concerned a three-hour tour might keep us on the mountain too long.  We settled for some play time in the parking lot.

Since it was well after lunch time, we back-tracked to Alexander's, the one restaurant we thought might be open and were happy to find that it was.  Run by a Polish family, the restaurant had a most unusual decor designed by family members.  The wood paneling was unique and the family crest was proudly displayed on the wall.  We not only had good food, but the conversations with the nice people were very interesting.

After lunch, everyone enjoyed more play time in the snow, even venturing out onto the frozen lake.  Snowmobile traffic was fierce, and it appeared all the people renting cabins had brought their snow machines.

My loved ones were scheduled to leave on 1/5, but poor visibility in Montrose delayed, then cancelled their flight.  On 1/6, they tried again, but weather in Chicago led to a similar result.  After two days of sitting on the tarmac and standing around the terminal, they finally got out on 1/7.  Unfortunately, the connection in Chicago was missed, causing more delay and a late arrival that night in Tampa.  I hope all the frustrating events with their departure doesn't discourage them from future visits.  Maybe next time will be in summer.

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