Thursday, January 26, 2017

Salt River Canyon, AZ (1/10/2017)

The reason I came to Globe was to visit and explore the Salt River Canyon.  This magnificent canyon doesn't get the publicity it should, primarily because it is on Apache tribal lands.  In fact, the Salt River is the boundary between the Fort Apache Reservation and the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  It is the only place I know where a major highway, US 60/77, goes through such a large canyon.  It descends some 2000 feet to the bottom of the canyon, crosses the river, then climbs up the other side.  Travelers are presented with awesome views over the ten miles required to traverse the canyon, especially from any of the pull-outs provided.

When I came through here some years ago, I was driving a large motor home, which made it impossible to stop, and I didn't have time to come back in the smaller vehicle.  Since then, it has been on my bucket list to more fully explore the canyon.  In this posting, I'll concentrate on the views from the highway and use a separate travelogue to show the interior of the canyon.

The day started with another beautiful sunrise, a prelude to the sunny day I had for my trip.

 One pull-out gives a view of Apache Falls below, which I plan to visit close up when I go into the area off the highway.  The Visitor Center at the bottom allows for views of the old and new bridges, the old now limited to pedestrian use.

In addition to the still photos, I made a video of the drive through the canyon.  You can view it at Highway 60, Salt River Canyon.  It's only about five minutes long, but gives the flavor of the drive.

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