Sunday, January 22, 2017

Montrose, CO to Moab, UT (1/7/2017)

After dropping my weary family at the Montrose airport for the third and final time, I observed it was -1 F just as the sunrise started lighting the sky.  Naturally, I bypassed home and headed out to the hills for some photos.

When I returned, the motor home looked rather forlorn parked on a side street that doesn't get plowed.  I immediately decided I would also leave this day, so started packing.
Later that morning, a couple red-tail hawks flew into a tree across the street, flying away as I tromped through the snow trying to get close enough for a good shot.

By noon, I had thrown the cats and some provisions on board, taken care of utilities, left a key with a neighbor and started north to get south.  I was unwilling to risk the roads over the mountains due to recent snow fall, so circled over to Utah before turning south.  It's a longer but safer route, given the conditions.  So anxious to move on, I didn't stop for lunch, settling for an energy bar and a bottle of water.

The roads were in good shape and the scenery was beautiful most of the way.  Too bad there was no way to get photos along the busy highways.  However, in Utah, I decided to risk the scenic route to Moab, taking Highway 128 along the Colorado River.  Expecting patches of ice on this narrow, curvy road, I reasoned (correctly as it turned out) that there would be little traffic.  So little, in fact, I was able to stop in the road occasionally and get photos of the red rock cliffs and buttes all covered with snow.  This was a very enjoyable part of the drive.

As you can see, the sky was very dark and it appeared another storm was coming through.  You may not be able to see rather large chunks of ice floating down the river.

South of Moab, there was less snow, but the threat of more coming was still evident.  I pushed on, stopping only a couple times for photos, particularly wanting a picture of Wilson's Arch.

Planning to stop for the night in Blanding, I arrived just before dark to find my campground was closed for the season.  Worse yet, being low on propane for the furnace,  all the places I tried to get some were also closed.  I stopped for gasoline at the Ute convenience store,  where they also have propane.  However, the cashier didn't know how to pump it.

I proceeded to the small town of Bluff, stopping at the Cadillac Ranch RV Park, a place I've used several times over the years.  They had no propane, but let me borrow an electric heater to augment the one I had brought along.  The two heaters kept us comfortable, even though it fell to 16 F that night.  Thank you, nice lady.


  1. Beautiful sunrise photo. I remember remarking on it while we were in the airport.

    1. Thanks. Didn't know if you were able to see it.

  2. Fabulous sunrise . . . where are you going for the winter . . . staying out there and heading back to FL?

    1. Thanks. I plan to stay in AZ, but so far the weather has been mediocre.